"Great things are done in a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gough



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Think two Kates. Kate Middleton with a twist of Kate Hudson and you've got me...
Marla Lawson, 
a girl that makes sour event planning a sweet design full of possibilities. 

An artist’s daughter who was raised around paintings made from the natural world; Marla Lawson, found her own creative niche and began to illustrate her vocation in individual inventive design. Every event  begins with a sketch, the outline of each client’s love story. This story unfolds organically into a thoughtful and strategic layout. Each color and element chosen is specifically selected to illustrate her passion for event design. Marla is known for capturing the love stories of her clients and reflecting the details throughout every production. Attention to detail in her work elements will have you say “that’s marla” coined by many of her clients. Every detail is purposefully tailored to you. 


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Every southern lady loves a perfect gentleman. Lucky me, I have three! 


Lemons are the one thing I will always have in my fridge and is my go-to ingredient for pasta, drinks and bread dippings. 

lemon love

In another life I would be living by the beach enjoying the salt water, sun, and coconut water on the daily.

ocean addict

 "OH MY" is a phrase I'm known for by friends and family. You will likely hear me say this more than much so it could even appear in one of my emails! 

"Oh MY"

After the thrill of "I said yes”, leave the rest to me. The time during your engagement is special and as your planner and time ambassador, I will make every minute count.

Wedding planning to me isn't just putting a date on the calendar and booking a client. I find joy in learning the style, the culture and story of each couple throughout the process. Attention to detail in my work elements will leave you saying, “thatsmarla” coined by many of my clients. Every detail is tailored to you.


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This is for the bride that loves to create a good excel document, has time to plan, but needs someone to coordinate day of while the bride herself can enjoy her day knowing I've got her back.


This is for the bride that is short on time and needs guidance throughout process. Together we discuss vision and budget in order to layout the overall plan. I am there to guide you through the details and management of all vendors. Plus, I will be the coordinator day of just to make sure all that hard work is executed smoothly.


This is for the bride that needs more than just ONE & TWO. Along with budget management and hands on vendor meetings, I come in to help with the planning and coordinating of rehearsal dinner.
Yep. Sometimes the bride even has to plan the rehearsal dinner and we both know... you don't have time for that.



From launch parties to holiday parties  to corporate dinners to reward dinners... I'm your girl. I take my ability to create detailed pieces in order for your brand and employees to stand out and feel appreciated from the event. They will leave in anticipation for next years event!


Who doesn't love a good party? I'm here to help you throw the ultimate surprise party, birthday, anniversary, baby shower and of course an engagement party. I even help set up proposal sites! I coordinate and organize your vision along with making sure every last detail is in the right spot to make  the honorary guest feel extremely special or even the loved one to scream "YES"!


Design Pricing

Individual design is for the person who is craving to have that one unique piece to make their event stand out from the rest.I begin my doodling process of ideas that turn into a prominent design. I like to say I make your pinterest pin a reality with a lil' #thatsmarla touch.


Hosting a workshop to educate others in your field to learn and improve can be quite a bit to plan. I am here to let you focus on the education aspect while I do all the other stuff. I start with branding, finding vendors, designing and creating welcome gifts and a detailed itinerary for the shop. People will leave with an richly  polished educational  experience.


I am here to make sure your shoot has all the details. Once we discuss your concept, You just need to show up day of.. I organize, book and set-up all the vendors needed. With styling assistance and keeping you on schedule I am here to make sure all needs are met and focused on the overall notion of the shoot. Every detail counts!

styled shoots


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